Soma Sessions: Jean-Michel Veillon & Yvon Riou

A Soma update on some goings-on we think will interest you…

We at Soma believe in good live music all year round, not just at Soma-time. 🙂 So, we put our brains together and thought very hard on how we could replicate the good vibes of Soma between festivals and came up with…

SOMA SESSIONS! An every-few-monthly group of concerts in the Castlewellan area to keep the spirits up as autumn fades to cosy winter (and beyond) in this beautiful part of the world; to feed the hungry soul in the way in which only music can.

Without further ado, we cordially invite you to our next upcoming concert, hosted by the King’s Inn, which features revered Breton duo, master-flute player Jean-Michel Veillon.

Further information: Jean-Michel Veillon & Yvon Riou
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